Sunday, 10 January 2016

On the Beach

Dream & Interpretaion By Sowelu - Hey all! I wanted to share this dream bit that I had yesterday, because it keeps coming back up as I read AgeA's thread where we've all been expressing...

"I was with a girlfriend and my father, and my father had windows for my friend. I was pleased he could help her install them, and I boasted how my father knew how to do things well and would set her up properly. I remember telling her how he was always good at that sort of thing and you could count on him.

Then there was something about a slip of paper, a specific type of paper, like a receipt or application of some kind, that we couldn't find (related to the windows). She was getting upset and I told her we'd find it, I knew I'd seen it, and asked her what colors of ink were on the paper. She said red and black and yellow, I believe. Something like that. I found the paper under a chair in the room where no one else had looked.

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Dream By Hollowheart - First some background information, I had a 2 year up and down relationship with a guy whom I love very much. The last time we were together he confessed about how much he cared for me and wanted to be with me and went all the way back to the first time he saw me. He also said he had commitment issues and could not handle a serious relationship with me right now because he knew he would mess it up and he did not want to do that.

Now, he is dating some girl (I don't know her at all) they have been together for about a year now. Every so often she will contact me on-line, accusing me of trying to ruin their relationship or saying I am the reason for their problems. She also contacts other people and tells them that she swears that he has been with me. I do know though when they argue he does call me and sometimes drives by my house. I have made no effort to get back together with him because as you can see its pointless and he would not want to be with me.

Dream 1 - The first dream I had was about a week or so ago. I was standing in town and it was pretty crowded. Well, through the crowd she comes into sight and is rubbing her belly. She looked like she was about 7 months pregnant.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

End of the world

Dream by Juddlin -  Last night I dreamt that it was the end of the world, Ive had several dreams recently about the world ending. In this particular dream everyone was separated into male and female groups, I could only find my best friend - (who had lost her baby and partner in the confusion)  & my mum and my sister.

My other family male family members had been sent to a different 'camp'. I watched them leave in large shiny lifts/elevators. We were put into houses or flats that had just been decorated very sparsely but nice & very clean too. My partner was there, I was hiding him but not very well - & was found and he was taken away by 3 men through a door. I shouted after him 'Andy I love you, I really love you'. He didn't look back. I was devastated.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Alone on an island

Dream By Norman - Hi, I have been having this strange dream…….I am stranded alone on an island and there is really no one there. The island seems to be deserted and I am looking to escape from there. I have no one to consult but suddenly I feel as if someone is coming from a distance…and there you go…the dream ends right away.

Can you help me know what this dream means Thank you.

Reply By Sowelu - Hiya Norman!

The symbolism is actually pretty straight forward in this dream. In some way, with regard to some situation or within yourself... you feel isolated, cut off, alone. You are depicted as having no resources (stranded), no community of others (deserted, no one to consult) and wanting to change that status (looking to escape).

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Attic

Dream By ColourMagic

I experienced a rather strange dream last night and wonder if anyone can shed any light on it.

It started off in a dark attic and I was with a friend and we were preparing to do a meditation.

Scene change to an upstairs room, devoid of any furniture and we were looking out of the window onto an inner London High Street which had seen better days. It was dusk and there was no one around. I asked my friend where we were and she replied that she used to know, but couldn't remember the name of the district.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hiding a Murder

Dream By Amanda - I dreamed that I was trying to hide a murder: Two nights in a row I had similar dreams. The first was that I had murdered someone I didn't see the actual murder but I was trying to think of how to hide the body. An old friend  (from elementary school that I had not seen in several years)  and I decided to bury the body.

We cut it into small pieces and buried it. I didn't know who the person was. Then it fast forwarded to present and I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of panic and dread when I realized that people were asking questions and looking for the killer of the body that was found. In my dream I was scared because I thought I had gotten away with it and had told myself not to think about it anymore.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Celtic Knot

Dream By Nicole - Last night I had trouble sleeping. At the moment I have poison ivy which affects the insides of my knees and it was also quite warm. Then Erin my daughter woke up then came and slept with me & moved around a lot throughout the night. Once I opened my eyes and saw in the air in front of me some type of celtic knot! I could clearly see the knot and some of the design on both sides of it. It was like flowing in the wind almost - for a minute I thought it was worms!

Then a short time later I was shown a key. It was also of Celtic design, and it looked like it was made of some sort of ceramic. I also want to note that I asked for St Germain to come and help me with the ivy and healing codes and that he in my dream showed up talking like an Irish person. I didn't believe it was him due to the funny accent. LOL

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Dream By Lilihanna - So last night I had this incredible dream and want to share it here partly to help me remember it and partly to help me understand it. I was in some kind of hotel/office building lobby waiting for an elevator...the freight elevator. I stood with other people for a while and they eventually left and I was there alone. The elevator door was flapping half open and the elevator never really came.

Finally I went over to another part of the lobby and there were dozens of people waiting in front of a bank of elevators. I realized I was in an office building at this point and trying to figure out the name of the person to whom I was going to see...who happened to be my lawyer.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

School Reunion

Dream By Sea - Ok, I had a very strange dream last night with a gruesome image, which I'm very curious to figure out. I was dreaming about my upcoming high school reunion, and was surprised to see such a large gathering of people, most of whom I could not recognize. Unlike what is being planned for the actual reunion, people came with their spouses and children, and teachers were also there.

My ex-partner was there, and was tagging along with me. He was holding a baby, which looked like it was dead and decomposing, but was apparently still alive. The baby had no eyes in its sockets, and its head had actually come off its body. My ex-partner was attempting to screw the head back onto its body. He was setting it with some neck brace, and this was supposed to help the baby's head grow back on to its body.

Aggressive Dog

Dream By Helen - Hi all, this is my first post but I keep having dreams about my dog which died. A bit of background info.... Our dog was born with a medical condition that made her very aggresive. I have a rescue dog who we got in 2002, & in 2004 my husband and I decided to expand our family with a bull terrier pup which is a breed we have both always wanted. So in July 2004 Lottie was born, we fell in love with her immediately.

After a few weeks, Lottie started showing signs of aggression, anyway long story short, she had tests and was found her heart was the size of her ribcage and she has the dog equivalent of Schizophrenia . Her eyes would glaze over green and she would just go on a rampge, sinking her teeth into whatever she could get hold of, including, windowframes, gladys our staffy and myself and hubby. Due to the size of her heart we knew her lifespan would be shortened a lot. She started medication and life carried on.

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